We Are GR Teens

This website is a product of the Grand Rapids Youth Commission. We’re a group of middle and high school teens that were hired to give a youth’s perspective and input into the first ever Youth Master Plan for the city of Grand Rapids and its Youth. Youth Master Plan is a blueprint for the community to make sure that youth have what they need to be successful in college, work and life. The Grand Rapids Youth Commission is managed by a department in City Hall called; Our Community’s Children which is a public/private partnership between the City of Grand Rapids, the Grand Rapids Public Schools and community partners.

Just because we are managed by adults this website is a product made for youth by youth. We as the Grand Rapids Youth Commissioners spent a lot of time discussing with each other and our web developers. We would like to give a special thanks to DDM Marketing & Communications, and to the local teens that gave great input about what issues had to be addressed and how we could best meet them by using our website.  We as the Youth Commissioners gave personal input about the layout and design of the website as well as what information the site would include.  And of course, teens will be updating this site so what gets posted will be fresh and relevant, and information that best suits us.
Welcome to GRteens.com!

Our Aim

When teens go to this website, one of the first things you will be able to notice is the pictures of us, real teens that are here to help give you a voice.  We did research and compiled information about local opportunities for youth to create GRteens.com. We hope that this site will be the “go-to” spot for information about our city and the amazing opportunities it offers. GRteens.com will also include the latest jobs and volunteer opportunities, college scholarships, fun things to do on the weekends, and a blog that will act as a way for you as youth to give input on the local government.  Have fun and tell your friends about GRteens.com

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